Circulab board, the canvas to design your circular business model

This is the main Circulab game board, free to view and download. Using the Circulab board you can plot all your business flows including economic, social and environmental opportunities.

Circulab partners, the canvas to identify and locate your stakeholders

Circulab partners is a complementary tool to Circulab board and allows you to identify your project stakeholders and better involve your current and future partners.

Circulab mystery, the cards to inspire the teams

The Circulab mystery are used at the begining of a creativity workshop to help the players learn from nature patterns and strategies.

Tools for creativity and integration to challenge and inspire your teams

Additional tools such as playing cards, fact sheets, well as specific game plays allow you to facilitate creativity, integration and prototyping of your ideas. To discover and apply them, contact the certified consultants.