How to apply Circular Economy principles to procurement

Training objectives

At the end of this training, trainees will be able to design and develop projects that create economic, social and environmental value.

They will be able to understand and integrate the principles of cooperation related to the circular economy.

In addition, they will be able to propose ways to improve the business model of their organization.

Who should attend?


  • Procurement, sourcing, supply chain professionals from public or private organisations
  • CSR managers
  • Budget holders and internal clients interested in rolling out circular economy projects
  • Please note that we will share the attendee list ahead of the training
  • This event is designed for up to 15 people

How it works

  • Interactive workshop based on business case studies
  • Dynamic use of the “Circulab” business game and its business model canvas, mapping tools and cards.
  • Presentations, videos and documents to nurture the dialogue.
  • Strategic purchasing tools such as the Kraljic matrix used in a participative mode

Your trainers

The Circular procurement trainings are hosted by Taco Snippen and Pascal Mariani. They are experienced procurement professionals and certified Circulab consultants.

Taco Snippen
Pascal Mariani

Dates and locations of the trainings

– GENEVA, 11th of October 2018
– EINDHOVEN, 1st of November 2018, register here
– PARIS (MONTREUIL), 5th November 2018, register here
– LONDON, 15th November 2018, register here

– OSLO, coming soon, date to confirmed

– BRUXELLES, coming soon, date to confirmed

Are you intested in a bespoke session for your organisation?

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