A half-day session to generate projects that create Inter-Company synergies

Regions or industrial parks

« By bringing together institutional actors and businesses across the region, Circulab has revealed existing complementarities between the various players and identified activities that are complementary to the existing economic ecosystem. Circulab is a significant source of support to actions already taken in terms of industrial ecology.»

Marie Bour'chis, Head of the Circular and Social Economy, Seine-Eure Urban Community

w h a t   i s   i t   f o r ?


flows to regroup
and/or resources to optimize


local players and

integrate the local ecosystem


project ideas
to implement

h o w   i t   w o r k s

Synthesize actors, expertise, inputs and waste present in the area

Generate ideas for synergies starting from a flow or specific resource

Pitch ideas and bring them together by incorporating value creation at a regional level

You want to organize a Circulab territory?

Two options are available: