Discover the Circulab workshop formats and request your own customized workshop.

Eco-design Business Model

This half day session allows you to build or blend your business model by integrating the impacts and end of life.


Partner Mapping

This half-day session allows you to identify and map your stakeholders by integrating location and life cycle.


Circular Economy Awareness

This half-day session allows you to educate your teams on the circular economy using fictional or real case studies.


Inter-company Synergies

This half-day session allows you to generate ideas to develop, optimize or pool resources at a regional level.


Innovation sprint

This series of 3-5 day workshops allows you to create circular products, services and  processes.


Circular Economy Training

This full day session allows you to train your staff on key circular economy principles from a business model perspective.



Do you have a specific request?

Do you have special needs or resources? We will co- build a personalized workshop format with you.