How to design a regenerative business model

During the Disruptive Innovation Festival organized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Brieuc Saffré and Nicolas Buttin, the co-founders of Wiithaa, presented a way to create virtuous business models, conciliating economy and environment, thanks to the Circulab Game.

“Trash is nothing more than a design error” as said Gonzalo Muñoz. We all know that the best way to avoid waste is to think all the flows at the design stage. That’s why Wiithaa designed the Circulab board (free download and use under to consider all the life cycle stages of the product with its impacts on the ecosystem in one picture. With this board, you can imply all the stakeholders and create new and relevant ideas to create the opportunities of the circular economy.

The idea is to go back to the essential function of the business for the user, in order to replace the organisation in its ecosystem.

Thanks to the areas in the board, you can visualize at first glance as well the stakeholders, the different aspects of the business as the streams of cash and the environmental impacts it generates. Writing on post-its and with the help of your teammates, the goal is to fill the areas with simple key-words. Idea cards showing existing circular solutions can also be used to provide inspiration to the participants. At the end of the game, the players have created a whole new business model that creates shared value for the company, the users and the ecosystem.

“Picking up and reclaiming the scrap left over after production is a public service, but planning so there will be no scrap is a higher service public.”
Henry Ford

You can watch co-founders of Wiithaa’s intervention for the DIF below :



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