Carrie Snyder

The Circular economy is the best approach we have for us to reconcile our responsibility to care for the future of our planet with a viable approach for commerce.

Carrie Snyder
Carrie Snyder

Business model design
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I recently left a 15-year career at Cisco Systems - the internet equipment company - where I served in a variety of positions (including roles relating to marketing, finance, legal, supply chain, and sales operations).

A common thread developed in the roles I took, concerning the question of "what happens to products after they are sold to our customers?". To this end, I’ve developed a great deal of expertise in electronics take back, reuse, repair/refurbishment and resale. At one point I was part of a group that transformed what was an USD$8M cost center for the company into a USD$100M profit center, and later on I was responsible for leading a closed-loop supply chain and another program supporting over $1B in sales.

As such, I have come to believe strongly that aligning commerce with nature is not only the right thing to do for our environment, but also that it is also the right thing for businesses to be successful. This dual motivation led me to leave Cisco, to start my own consulting practice specifically focused on enabling the circular economy for electronics.

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