Circulab challenge presentation in video

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In the framework of the 3rd Disruptive Innovation Festival, organized by the Ellen MacArthur foundation, Wiithaa run an Open Mic

Circulab is a business game that enables you to understand the systemic impacts of your business model, involve your stakeholders and co-create regenerative products and services.

The Circulab is animated by a global network of consultants based in America, Europe and Asia. Teams from companies such as l’Oreal, Ikea or Suez for example have used the Circulab to activate the circular economy in their business.

The Circulab board is the main component of the Circulab game, used entirely as a tool. When people team up around the table, they discover a board divided into squares where all the flows and interactions within the business are situated.

The Circulab challenge,  is a 3-day innovation challenge that enables companies co-generate circular ideas and make it come true.

Thanks to this game, players learn how to colaborate and think systemic in order to get their company more efficient and vertuous.

The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online, open access event that invites thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, makers and learners to explore the question “The economy is changing – what do I need to know, experience and do?”.



If you want to take up the challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us.