You want to enhance the cooperation and the co-creation of circular ideas within your teams ?

circulab sensibilisation economie circulaire

 1/2 day to let your teams discover the opportunities of the circular economy thanks to a playful and team-focused approach

circulab sensibilisation economie circulaire

1. Discover and understand the current business model

restituer business model

2. Co-create systemic and vertueux ideas of new revenue streams

plateau de jeu post-it et schéma

3. Sum-up and pitch in order to answer the issue of the session

circulab memo

The Circulab discovery helps you to start implementing a circular economy strategy, enabling your team to: :


  • Identify the opportunities of the Circular Economy
  • Understand a business model and its impacts on the whole ecosystem
  • Rethink the collaboration between all the stakeholders of a project